Greening my life is a daily activity. It's filled with joy, challenges, and frustrations. I'm learning it's one thing to green my life -- home and office -- and it's another to get my husband, My Bigger Half, to go along with some of my ideas. I suspect your greening efforts are like that too, filled with progress and back-sliding, ups and downs, and mass confusion about what's green and what's only touted to be green.

I've been on this path for much of my life. Read about my background in my "Green Living" article, and My Bigger Half's introduction. The best part is the journey is far from over. I've done a lot to green my life and the world, and have lots more to do to get greener.

Come along and learn with me as I green my home, my Bigger Half, my travel, my office and my eating. I can't wait to share with you what I discover along the way. Sometimes my path is going to be exciting, and sometimes it's going to be discouraging. But the path will always be toward growth and getting greener.

Additionally, I'm going to share the fun I have in my life. Learning foreign languages, sewing tricks, snow shoeing, and whatever else comes my way. Even the fun in my life takes on an environmental touch or focus. That's who I am.

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